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Griffiths Gamsat Review


GAMSAT Home Study System
By Dr Peter J Griffiths - Australia, Ireland, UK
Get Your Gamsat Preparation From Someone Who Actually Succeeded In The Test, And Discover How I've Helped 1000's of Students Do The Same...
So you've decided to sit Gamsat.....but you're not sure where to begin.

You don't want to spend thousands of dollars on an overpriced course and you don't want to buy a confusing package of ten different books.

You just want a simple guide to take you step by step through all three sections of the test and tell you exactly what to do for success.

Hello, my name is Dr Peter Griffiths and before qualifying as a doctor I took Gamsat for myself so I know how hard it can be, especially for people who are completing other studies or working full time.

Back when I sat Gamsat in 2005 there were virtually no preparation materials on the market so I had to figure it out for myself.

I was the first person to systematically analyse the test, categorise the types of questions in all the sections, propose a syllabus for section 3 and get behind ACER's essay marking algorithm for section 2.

I don't have a first degree in science, and spent less than 4 months studying before taking the test but I achieved a score which put me in the top 10%.

Being in the top 20% will normally guarantee you an interview.

I'm going to give you the EXACT BLUEPRINT I used for success in my book, Griffiths GAMSAT Review.

You're just one step away from getting the same advanced strategies and techniques which have helped countless students just like you pass Gamsat over the last 15 years.

Check out some of the testimonials I've received below.

I wish you the very best of luck !

Dr. Peter J Griffiths BA (Hons) MBBS MSc.        GMC number: 7040383

Gamsat Books
CASESTUDY: How To Avoid The Mistakes Other Are Making And Save Your Time & Money...
Before I get into what's in the book let me tell you what's not in it and what you should avoid at all costs in your Gamsat preparation. 

First of all....

It doesn't contain "secrets" which will enable you to pass GAMSAT with little or no effort.

But it does contain techniques which work and which you can begin using immediately to improve your score.

It isn't an overpriced science textbook.

Beware of other sites selling glorified science textbooks for HUNDREDS of $ / £ / € ! 

There are many good standard science textbooks on the market already, I recommend the best and most effective ones in the GAMSAT Review.

However I will tell you how to direct your science studies to the areas most likely to come up in the test.

It isn't just 10 pages of instructions and 100 pages of useless unofficial practice questions.

My book does contain practice questions but the focus is on explaining methods and techniques to SOLVE the questions.

Remember, success in GAMSAT is less about what you know and more about knowing the test, and how you can make it work to your advantage !
" Just wanted to say thanks for producing such a great book. I did almost no preparation beyond reading it and I think that my results today are good enough to get an interview at Georges " - Cath
What's In The Manual: Here's Everything You Get For All Three Sections Of The Test...
  • A complete analysis of the 3 papers on the test and the skills needed for each.
  • ​What your GAMSAT score and percentile mean
  • ​How the med schools use your GAMSAT score - maximize your chances of success by applying to the right ones.
  • Top ten tips for GAMSAT - the most important general strategies for the test.
  • ​When to guess - you'll have to guess at some point. I tell you when you should guess and how to maximize your chances of guessing right.
  • ​The day of the test - how you can use the test centre procedures to your advantage and gain an edge over the other candidates.
" How did I do? No less than amazingly well ! I achieved 92%ile overall and a whopping 95%ile (top 5% of all students) for the science paper. Thank you Peter. Now I am looking forward to my interview. " - Kenneth Wilshire

  • ​The different approaches you need for reading poetry, fiction and non-fiction texts in Paper I.
  • ​The 7 question types based on non-fiction texts.
  • ​The 6 question types based on fiction texts.
  • ​The 5 question types based on poems.
  • Glossary of literary terms and why you need this for Paper I.
  • ​Explanation of poetic devices.
  •  Strategy for questions based on quotes.
  • ​Why questions based on cartoons are all asking the same thing.
  • ​How to make sure you are working at the right pace.
  • Practice questions for Paper I with fully worked solutions.
" I wish to thank you for your efforts in constructing an honest, comprehensive review. Initially I was cynical, but the anxiety of the exam got the better of me and I decided to give it a go. I was more than pleased, each section had an abundance of useful tips to maximise revision time and performance in the exam " - Wasseem
  • How your essays are marked and what the examiners are looking for.
  • ​How to have your essays PRE-PLANNED before you even walk into the exam.
  •  5 STEP PLAN shows you step by step how to produce a high scoring essay from any set of quotes GAMSAT throws at you.
  • ​Two complete sample essays showing you how it's done.
  • ​Common errors to look for when proof reading your essays.
  • ​Paper II practice questions - based on quotes just like the real test.
" I ended up with an overall score of 72 which put me in the 99th Percentile in Ireland. I honestly believe that had it not been for your book, I would not have scored as highly nor would I have approached the test with such confidence. " - Bobby
  • ​Paper III - do I really need to study to first year degree level?
  • ​Recommended textbooks and question practice books for Paper III.
  • ​Syllabus - how to not waste time learning things which won't come up!
  • GAMSAT favourite topics - they always come up!
  • ​Why you need to memorize equations and formulas even though they are usually given in the questions.
  • ​Comprehensive formula sheets - all the equations you must know.
  •  Maths for GAMSAT - the skills you need to solve problems fast, explained step by step.
  • ​Practice questions for Paper III with fully worked solutions.
  •  Still worried by the science? Don't be, it's possible to do well in GAMSAT and know very little science. I explain why.
  • ​Strategies for non native English speakers.
  • Griffiths GAMSAT Review is 200 A4 pages
  •  E-book in PDF format , download & read it in seconds.
What's The Investment?
If you're serious about success in Gamsat you've probably already come up with your own reasons to invest in the manual for just €49.95 Euros

You're just minutes away from getting the results you deserve.

Click Below To Get Your Instant Download Now
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I want everyone who invests in Griffiths Gamsat Review to be completely happy. If after -

- Discovering Gamsat specific test taking strategies and question answering techniques for all 3 sections which really work,

- Testing for yourself how to virtually have your Gamsat essays pre-written before you enter the test and:

- Exploring my list of core science topics, Gamsat favourite topics, formulas you MUST know, maths for Gamsat, practice questions etc. etc.

you don't feel what you have done will improve your Gamsat score then just let me know and I'll refund your money straight away. No questions asked.

That's my personal guarantee.

Dr Peter Griffiths
But don't take my word for it.......
What Are People Saying On Student Forums?
Gamsat books
"I put my pass down to it...absolutely recommend's awesome"
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"Probably the most useful thing I ever bought, worth every penny"
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"Wonderfully useful book..brilliant for Section 2..definitely worth the money"
discussion of gamsat prep materials
"fantastic & gives you a syllabus to hang all your revision off"
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"helps you focus on stuff you need and avoid revising reams of useless stuff"
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"certainly don't feel lost at all now"
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"very helpful particularly on Section 2"
Student discusses gamsat preparation
"really helping me notch"
student comment on useful books
"the only place to start is Griffiths Gamsat Review"
Student recommends the Review
"as a non science student it's pretty damn helpful"
Instant Download €49.95
Griffiths Gamsat Review
Griffiths Gmasat Review recommended
"explains all the syllabus..worth every penny"
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"a really good summary of what you need to know & strategies to follow in the exam"
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"Which one's worth the investment?"..."Griffiths all the way!"
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Instant Download €49.95
Gamsat Preparation Book
Testimonials Received By Email
email testimonial 1
"came in top 4% thanks to your book"
email testimonial 2
"the most valuable material I got in all my preparation"
email testimonial 3
"thanks to your book I got a score producing three interviews"
email testimonial 4
"with no preparation except reading your book I got a score good enough for any UK med school"
email testimonial 6
"helped me improve my science score from a dismal 47 to 62"
email testimonial 7
"I believe this guide to be one of the best resources available"
email testimonial 8
"sufficient score for my first choice...your book critical...contributed greatly to my success"
email testimonial 9
"it definitely helped me get the score I needed"
email testimonial 10
"the essay techniques work my Section 2 score of 72 is proof"
Instant Download €49.95
Gamsat books on table
email testimonial 11
"it has been indispensable guidance"
email testimonial 12
"dramatically improved my confidence for Section 2"
email testimonial 13
"very helpful for strategy & content"
email testimonial 14
"I was more than pleased with the Review"
email testimonial 15
"recommended as the best preparation tool for Gamsat"
email testimonial 16
"had it not been for your book I wouldn't have scored as highly"
email testimonial 17
"thank you for the was what I needed"
Griffiths Gamsat Review Instant Download €49.95
30 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee!
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